Bring your customer service to another level

From managing contracts or customer relations to implementing a simple and shared repository, iTop is the one platform you need to manage all your activities. iTop is a comprehensive solution dedicated to your team’s performance and your clients’ satisfaction.

Why iTop ?

The simple and tailored solution for service management in SaaS mode. iTop SaaS is a fully customizable subscription, hosted and managed by Combodo, editor of iTop, and following all ITIL processes. Designed for a controlled management of your information system by combining modeling and management of all its technical, organizational and human components.


100% adaptable

Design and implement a custom iTop in complete autonomy
  • A full ITSM solution adapted to your own needs
  • Intuitive low-code graphical design interface

Autonomy and reversibility

An open source solution to guarantee your independance
  • Reversible data
  • All customizations compatible with future versions

Secured hosting

Your data stored in a guaranteed and safe place
  • Hosting in France, UE or Canada
  • ISO 27001 or HDS Certified hosting providers

Improve your services' quality

... to increase your client satisfaction

Discover the intuitive and ergonomic customer portal designed to optimized the user experience. A single channel with multiple features for a seamless flow of communication. You will also benefit from a full set of features dedicated to your helpdesk and a greater tickets qualification.

Control your costs

... Without impacting quality or making compromise on your tool's efficiency

As a renowned open-source ITSM software editor, Combodo always kept its customers’ operational needs in mind while developing its tools. This experience helps us providing you with an ever more comprehensive and evolving solution that will adapt to your budget.

Improve your internal processes

... and refocus on your core activities.

iTop ease of use will enable your team to enhance the quality of their services while preserving their time and comfort. With iTop SaaS as their support tool, they now focus on their main mission: IT service!


With a multitude of features, iTop addresses every aspect of your business. From communicating with your users to managing your IT resources, equip your daily practices.


Manage your entire IT environment and document it in a simple and shared repository.

User portal & communication

Upgrade your customer service with a single and user-friendly contact point.

Full services management

Manage your contracts, service catalog, SLAs, coverage windows and so on. Centralize all your activities on one platform.

Impact analysis on incident

Increase your responsiveness on incidents by identifying their impact at a glance.

Mail to ticket automation

Synchronize all your communication regardless of the entry channel.

Service demand and incident management

Qualify your ticket for better priority management.

Precanned replies

Save time on your routine requests by pre-filling some of your most used replies.

FAQ included

Encourage your customers’ autonomy with a dedicated FAQ.


Stay informed without receiving loads of emails.


Secure your different activities by structuring them in multiple organizations.

Guaranteed data quality

An audit tool checks the data consistency based on rules specific to your business.

Leave management

Ensure your agents availability and enhance your customer service responsiveness.


Assistance, training, support: find the most suited help to make the best out of iTop SaaS.

Whatever your needs for support or customization, you will find a level of service that fits. Our team is committed to providing you with the best experience with our solution.


With our experience in IT service management, we take the time with you to understand your needs and adapt the solution to your practices.

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Train and engage the best practices with our experts' guidance.

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Whether it's a bug, or a request for improvement, our team will be there to guarantee with you the proper functioning of your ITSM. Your needs evolve, so does iTop!

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Whatever your needs for support or customization, you will find a level of service that fits. Each offer includes basic services at all levels, on-demand options and additional quotas.

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Increase quotas or subscribe to additional features whenever you feel it’s necessary. Our offers are adaptable to your every need. Find more details about our offers and options in the comparative table.

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Daily business with iTop

Our customers immediately knew how to submit their requests through the new portal. They took ownership of iTop without any difficulty. It proves that it is a highly accessible and easy-to-use solution. We recorded 1200 logins to iTop last July: it’s impressive for summer! Internally, iTop generated a craze we didn’t expect! Our staff immediately used iTop on a daily basis.

Anne-Gaëlle Le Guen – SI Consultant – SIB

An effective system

With iTop, information is flowing effectively among our teams : one always receives relevant information at the right time. This system is way more effective than a simple messaging solution because it works through predefined workflows.

Joris Loizeau – Outsourcing operations – GIE SESAM-Vitale

User-friendly, intuitive, simple…

We were able to customize the tickets to speak the language of the users and avoid a technical vocabulary. […] iTop is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to customize and implement.

Jean-Christophe Mercier – Production and architecture manager – Alptis

A single iTop with a global view of the business

The project to rebuild our iTop instance within the outsourcing entity, which manages the infrastructures of Econocom’s customers on a shared basis, has enabled iTop to be turned into a bespoke, optimal platform at the heart of the service centre for a centralised management of multiple infrastructures. We have a pool of staff, who receive tickets from different customers at the same time. Our aim is to bring iTop skills and management in-house, with a dedicated team capable of developing its own customisations.

Quentin Ville — Project Manager and Manager of the 2IP_ITOP team - Econocom
Client Client Client Client


Provide your team with the means to succeed and address your customers’ needs with our adaptable, evolving and reversible offers.


Complete solution in SaaS mode
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  • ITIL compliant services management
  • Customizable and extensible configuration management database
  • Audit tool
  • Knowledge base
  • Multichannel communication
  • Impact analysis
  • Personalised consulting
  • 7 days of daily back-up retention
  • 10 Go database
  • Unlimited in-use support (web portal and mail)
  • Customer success


Total freedom of customisation
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  • Atelier +

  • 2 Designer accesses for Full customization
  • 10 hours of consulting per year
  • Hosting in France, UE and Canada and ISO 27001 and HDS certified
  • 1 development, 1 pre-production and 1 production environments
  • 14 days of daily back-up retention + 1 monthly
  • 30 Go database
  • Unlimited in-use support (web portal, mail and phone)
  • 2 Advanced training pack
  • Customer success


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