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Business Process


A Business Process is used to document a high-level process or an important application for the operations. It is quite similar to an Application Solution but for describing higher level applications or whole processes in the organization. The main information conveyed by a Business Process is its list of relationships with Application Solutions and Contacts.

Business Process Properties

Name Type Mandatory?
Name Alphanumeric string Yes
Organization Foreign key to a(n) Organization Yes
Status Possible values: active, inactive No
Business criticity Possible values: high, low, medium No
Move to production date Date (year-month-day) No
Description Multiline character string No


Tab Description
Contacts All the contacts for this configuration item
Documents All the documents linked to this configuration item
Tickets All the tickets for this configuration item
Application solutions All the application solutions that impact this business process

Creating a new Business Process

The creation of a Business Process object is similar to the creation of an Application Solution, except that its components are Application Solutions instead of any CIs.


  • Impacts: no additional CIs are impacted by a Business Process.

  • Depends on: a Business Process is considered as depending on all its related Application Solutions (listed in the tab “Application Solutions”).


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