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Network Device


Any type of network device: router, switch, hub, load balancer, firewall…

Network Device Properties

Name Type Mandatory?
Name Alphanumeric string Yes
Organization Foreign key to a(n) Organization Yes
Status Possible values: implementation, obsolete, production, stock No
Business criticity Possible values: high, low, medium No
Location Foreign key to a(n) Location No
Rack Foreign key to a(n) Rack No
Enclosure Foreign key to a(n) Enclosure No
Network type Foreign key to a(n) Network Device Type Yes
Brand Foreign key to a(n) Brand No
Model Foreign key to a(n) Model No
IOS version Foreign key to a(n) IOS Version No
Management IP IP Address No
RAM Alphanumeric string No
Rack units Numeric value (could be negative) No
Serial number Alphanumeric string No
Asset number Alphanumeric string No
Move to production date Date (year-month-day) No
Purchase date Date (year-month-day) No
End of warranty Date (year-month-day) No
PowerA source Foreign key to a(n) Power Connection No
PowerB source Foreign key to a(n) Power Connection No
Description Multiline character string No


Tab Description
Contacts All the contacts for this configuration item
Documents All the documents linked to this configuration item
Tickets All the tickets for this configuration item
Network interfaces All the physical network interfaces
Devices All the devices connected to this network device
Provider contracts All the provider contracts for this configuration item
Services All the services impacted by this configuration item

Creating a new Network Device

Click on the “New CI” menu:

Then select “Network Device” in the form below:

And click “Apply” to display the Network Device creation form:


  • Impacts: a Network Device impacts all the devices connected to it (Servers, PCs, SAN Switches, NAS, Storage Systems, other Network Devices, etc.), the Application Solutions it belongs to and all the contacts (Persons or Teams) directly linked to it.

  • Depends on: a Network Device is considered as depending on the other Network Devices and SAN Switches it is connected to. If the Network Devices is located in an Enclosure, it depends on it.

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