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Other Software


Any type of software that do not fit in the other categories: PC Software, Middleware, DB server or Web Server.

Other Software Properties

Name Type Mandatory?
Name Alphanumeric string Yes
Organization Foreign key to a(n) Organization Yes
Status Possible values: active, inactive No
Business criticity Possible values: high, low, medium No
System Foreign key to a(n) Functional CI Yes
Software Foreign key to a(n) Software No
Software licence Foreign key to a(n) Software Licence No
Path Alphanumeric string No
Move to production date Date (year-month-day) No
Description Multiline character string No


Tab Description
Contacts All the contacts for this configuration item
Documents All the documents linked to this configuration item
Tickets All the tickets for this configuration item
Application solutions All the application solutions depending on this configuration item
Provider contracts All the provider contracts for this configuration item
Services All the services impacted by this configuration item

Creating a new Other Software

Click on the “New CI” menu:

Then select “Other Software” in the form below:

And click “Apply” to display the Other Software creation form:


  • Impacts: an Other Software impacts all its instances, the Application Solutions it belongs to and all the contacts (Persons or Teams) directly linked to it.

  • Depends on: an Other Software is considered as depending on the system (PC, Server or Virtual Machine) on which it runs.

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