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There are 3 quotas for iTop SaaS.


The number of users allowed to work on iTop.
This quota is for console users. Console is the backend of iTop SaaS.
It means that you can invite as many "Portal Users" and "Portal Power Users" as you want.


CIs are the configuration Items. This regroups all the iTems of you organization infrastructure. From the end user PC to a Web Application, including Hypervisors, VMs etc...
By default you have a small number of Free CIs allowing you to document your IT.
If you want to go further and document a bigger infrastructure you can buy the CMDB option.
This option cost 5 Euros per users per month (less if you choose to pay yearly) and allow you to create as many CIs as you want.

DB size:

iTop is not a big DB consumer. However if you reach the limite of your DB quota several option comes to you:
You can either suppress old UserRequest, Documents, CIs to make some free space.
Or you can simply buy some more space directly from your customer portal.

You can know more about the quotas' pricing What are the different options and quotas I can subscribe to ? 

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