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About our support services

Combodo offers a variety of services to help you implement iTop SaaS. From our active community to consulting you will be able to find assistance fitting your needs and budget. 


Available from iTop Free

The FAQ is an exhaustive source of information regarding our products. From the admin guide to commercial details, we aimed at covering your main questions. 
It will be kept updated regularly to cover ever more subjects. Don’t hesitate to suggest a topic if you feel it would be necessary!

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Available for anyone

As a solution based on an open source projects, iTop SaaS benefits from a culture of exchange and sharing. Be part of an active community where users help each other and contribute to the growth of iTop.
Whether you're already using the solution or just gathering feedback before taking the plundge, the community is open to you!

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Available from iTop Team

Whether you need a kick start or require support to better your set up, you can buy assistance from our team.

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Available from iTop Tailored

As the most customizable of our iTop SaaS version, the Tailored offer comes with consulting services to help you adapt the solution to your need.

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You still have unanswered questions ? Ask us.

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Join our community of users to share your knowledge and good practices.