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LDAP Synchronization


Main functions:

  • Automatic creation and update of Persons and Users in iTop based on LDAP data.
  • Automatic assignment of Profiles to Users based on LDAP groups (this is optional).



  • The current version is synchronizing neither the Organizations nor the Locations.
  • The location of person and the manager of a person are not synchronized.
  • The collector is collecting data from one single LDAP directory instance only.
  • Date format of the source data must be YYYY-MM-DD (hh:mm:ss)


Data Collector overview

How data collector works

Collectors are small ETL. Some parts can be customized by configuration, others by code.

  • ⬇ Extract:
  • 🔁 Transform: mapping can be done by configuration
  • ⬆ Load: as the collector uses the iTop DataSynchro, this phase will be customized only by configuration

Event issue creation

eventissue_log_level has been added to be able to track collector issues from iTop console directly.

Example of EventIssue created

Data Mapping



Your iTop instance has a fix IP. Open your firewall for your instance IP on your LDAPS port.

To configure LDAP synchro you need :

  • Your LDAP URI
  • Your credentials (We suggest you to use a account with read only access to your LDAP)

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